Ohio Art League Curated Exhibition 2013
January 31 - April 14, 2013
Artwork by 18 Ohio Art League Members

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring a collection of artworks

The Ohio Art League Curated Exhibition contains works from 18 member artists of the Ohio Art League chosen by curator Dennis Harrington, director of the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati. The work in the Ohio Art League Curated Exhibition features seasoned and emerging artists, and explores a dialogue of visual connections created by assembling a group of eclectic and inspired works in one place.

Since 1909, the Ohio Art League has supported Ohio’s great contemporary artists. With mediums ranging from painting, drawing and printmaking to photography and sculpture, the works that make up the Ohio Art League Curated Exhibition – both representational and abstract – reflect a sampling of Ohio’s current artistic wealth.

Featured artists include Ellen O’Connell Bazzoli, Denise Buckley, Agnes Burris, Gretchen Stevens Cochran, Alex Conrad, Nicole Crock, Steven Elbert, Paul Emory, Morris Jackson, Jonah Jacobs, Tamara Jaeger, Jonathan Johnson, Virginia Kistler, Fredrik Marsh, Kathy McGhee, Ardine Nelson, Marc Ross, and Paul D. Wilbur.