Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints
May 12 - July 16, 2016
Promotional exhibition postcard featuring blue and red quilt
Image credit: Denise L. Roberts, Mitote #7, 2015, 100% conntons, hand dyed, cut into directly, machine pieced and quilted, 85 1/2" x 35 1/2"

The exhibition features eight international artists - from the Midwest to the Southwest, Canada to the United Kingdom (UK). These artists investigate color, pattern, and size through traditional and experimental quilt-making applications.

Curated by Nancy Crow, internationally recognized quilt-maker and the co-founder of Quilt Surface Design Symposium and Quilt National. Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints is the culmination of my mission to bring back the majesty, strength, and energy of textile works, particularly large quilts,” Crow said.

Featured artists include Mary Lou Alexander (Hubbard, OH), Claire Benn (Betchworth, Surrey, UK), Elizabeth Brandt (Holland, MI), Christine Mauersberger (Cleveland, OH), Jan Myers-Newbury (Pittsburgh, PA), Denise Roberts (Albright, WV), Jayne Willoughby (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada), and Barb Wills (Prescott, AZ).