Impressive Impressions
May 1 - July 13, 2014
Selections from Ohio University's Kennedy Museum of Art Print Collection

Promotional exhibition postcard featuring circular, striped artwork
Image credit: Michael Rothenstrein, Untitled, date unknown, cottons and blends, 35" x 25 1/2"



Building upon an exhibition curated by Donald Roberts, an Ohio University emeritus professor of art, Impressive Impressions will invite the viewer to not only understand the foundation of the permanent collection but also to reflect on the history of the medium of printmaking. The OAC Riffe Gallery will present more than 50 contemporary prints created between the early 1960s and 2000.

Featured artists include Josef Albers, Terry Allen, Shusaku Arakawa, Jennifer Bartlett, Georg Baselitz, Richard Bosman, Harvey Breverman, John Buck, Christo, Robert Cottingham, Sue Coe, Laddie John Dill, Leslie Dill, Eric Fischl, April Gornik, David Hockney, Yvonne Jacquette, Jasper Johns, Abner Jonas, Ellsworth Kelly, Karen Kunc, Sol Lewitt, David Ligare, Pam Longobardi, Mary Manusos, James Mcgarrel, Robert Motherwell, Kenneth Noland, Mimmo Paladino, Philip Perlstein, Judy Pfaff, Robert Rauschenberg, Donald Roberts, James Rosenquist, Michael Rothenstein, Edward Ruscha, Lorna Simpson, Steven Sorman, Andrew J. Stasik, Pat Steir, Frank Stella, Wayne Thiebaud, William Wiley, and Melanie Yazzie.