Ohio Arts Council Awards More Than $12 Million to the Arts in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio—The Ohio Arts Council (OAC) has awarded more than $12 million to the arts in Ohio through grants and initiatives to support artists, organizations, students and educators, and public arts programming. Following a historic budget increase and the launch of the ARTIE, the OAC's online grants system, the grant cycle for FY 2017 resulted in 630 successful grant awards and an overall award increase of $1,106,054 compared to FY 2016 [1].

“The Ohio legislature's strong investment in arts and culture allows the OAC to continue to support jobs in the creative sector, education in the arts, and cultural endeavors for all Ohioans,” said Donna Collins, OAC executive director. “This year especially, we're proud of the 118 new applicants that received funding and the overall increase in the number of Ohioans to be served through the state’s investment.”   

The OAC board met publicly on July 27 and approved recommendations for grant funding in the following areas: Operating Support, Project Support, Arts Learning, and Individual Artists. Grants were also awarded in the Artists with Disabilities Access Program (for individuals and organizations), Building Cultural Diversity, Capacity Building, and Ohio Artists on Tour. Nearly $250,000 was granted to current initiatives: Creative Aging Ohio, Main Stage to Main Street, and Fund Every County. For complete descriptions and grant requirements, visit  

Sustainability supports ongoing arts and cultural activities in all genres. Awards support the largest and most administratively sophisticated organizations in the state's arts and culture ecosystem. This four-year funding supports a wide range of the state's arts providers positioning Ohio as a national leader in creativity, artistry, and cultural wealth.  

Large Organizations: 35 grants totaling $6,474,997
Mid-Sized Organizations: 250 grants totaling $3,828,840 

Arts Access supports ongoing arts and cultural activities in all genres that broaden opportunities for the general public to participate in the arts. This flexible two-year funding provides general operating support for small organizations.   

18 grants totaling $62,900     

ArtSTART provides accessible funding to help organizations complete short-term projects. Most awards support the programming of new or emerging organizations, first-time OAC applicants, and organizations in areas not served by other arts providers.   

100 grants totaling $324,302 

ArtsNEXT provides competitive funding for innovative and experimental projects. These forward-looking projects help define Ohio as an exciting, cutting-edge place to make, consume, and experience the arts.   

38 grants totaling $337,799   


Arts Partnership supports arts education projects that address the needs of individual learners and their communities. By supporting these projects and programs, the OAC aims to strengthen arts education locally, regionally, and statewide. 

58 grants totaling $824,997   

Artist in Residence brings schools and community organizations together with artists to share in-depth, engaging, personal, and sustained arts learning experiences.  

13 grants totaling $32,000   

Traditional Arts Apprenticeships provide support for master artists to work with apprentices to build understanding and proficiency in folk and traditional art forms. These awards support the teaching and sharing of important cultural traditions and enrich the lives of Ohioans. 

8 grants totaling $32,000 

More information specific to this round of grant announcements can be viewed in Grants By City and Grants By County reports. 

The Ohio Arts Council is a state agency that funds and supports quality arts experiences to strengthen Ohio communities culturally, educationally, and economically. Connect with the OAC on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or visit our website at

[1] The FY 2016 award amount as of 8/7/15 was $11,230,552. The running FY 2017 award amount as of 7/27/16 is $12,336,606.


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