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Two women stand in front of artwork on view at the Riffe Gallery in the Material Pulses exhibition

Asking "Material Pulses" Artists What Really Matters: Part II

In this guessing-game sequel to Asking "Material Pulses" Artists What Really Matters: Part I, we learn about the artist-coveted place of solace: the studio, and what drives them: ideas. Material Pulses artists simply and powerfully convey the personal importance of each of these aspects of their creative processes—some artists seem to work and find inspiration in similar places and ways, yet their artwork differs greatly. See if you’re up to the challenge and match the artist’s quotes (represented by numbers) with their pieces (represented by letters). Find the answers at the bottom of this post—no peeking! 


Entire buildings to home offices—Material Pulses artists talk about their personal creative spaces:

1) “I use a two story building with 20’ high walls, large windows, views of the forest and large work spaces.”
2) “My studio is an old cottage which was part of my husband's family resort on Lake Macatawa. It is a few steps from my home.” 
3) “My studio is my private space and my focus, where the world falls away.”
4) “My design studio is a light-filled aerie on the third floor of my home; I have one design wall 8’ x 10’ and work on one piece at a time. Fabric is dyed in my basement.”


A)A quilt with multicolored strips of fabric arranged in rectangular patterns B)A multicolored quilt arranged in a modern Cubist pattern C)A quilt made of brown, orange, and tan fabric D) A textured tan quilt



Some artists’ ideas are sparked by a general concept, others let their subconscious run wild with improvisational techniques. Learn about where art starts for these artists:

5) “Often, my work is inspired by quotes or poems. Usually, there is a reference to a political theme or to the natural world.” 
6) "Working in an improvisational manner produces many seed ideas." 
7) "I generate ideas by thinking, reading, walking, and by noticing something new each day." 
8) "My creative ideas come from everything I do and everywhere I go." 


E)A quilt with brightly colored pink, mauve, and magenta four-sided shapes bursting outward from a center point F)A two-toned quilt with pink and purple fabric on top and yellow and black fabric on the bottom G)A quilt with many twisting and intersecting blue lines with two gray lines underneath and a red line running diagonally on top H)A transparent sheet overlaid with wavy red lines/bars



Need a hint? Read these short artist statements specifically about the Material Pulses artwork on display in the Riffe Gallery. The numbers reflect the ones above (quote 1 below and quote 1 above are by the same artist). Now, which piece of art belongs to which voice?  

1) "My work incorporates imagery from my surroundings and mark-making in woodcut plate marks. Construction focuses on layers of marks moving across each piece."
2) "I wanted to explore greatly simplified forms combined with a dark, vibrating palette."
3) "[Some of my work is] a response to the vastness, emptiness, and simplicity of New Mexico and the adobe structures. ‘Panchakarma’ represents a meditation."
4) "This work is a departure from the arashi shibori that typified my production for 20 years."
5) "These quilts are inspired by the poem 'The Second Coming' by William Butler Yeats written in 1921: 'Things fall apart, the center cannot hold…'"
6) "Your mind is a fog where a thousand people talk at the same time, which the Toltecs called a mitote (pronounced MIH-TOE’-TAY). This series represents the “mitote” in my mind."
7) "We are obsessed with the concept of time, and yet we cannot see it. I think about whether it is possible to see time. In my work, the lines correlate to my own movements in time and space."
8) "I am fascinated by the veil as an object of clothing, and as a well-used metaphor for hiding some truth. These works explore the process of discovery of things humans keep hidden in attempt to fit into society."  

Material Pulses: 8 Viewpoints is on view in the Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery through July 16. Admission is always free. 


(1&C—Barb Wills) (2&B—Elizabeth Brandt) (3&D—Claire Benn) (4&A—Jan Myers-Newbury) 
(5&E—Mary Lou Alexander) (6&G—Denise L. Roberts) (7&H—Christine Mauersberger) (8&F—Jayne Willoughby)

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