About Ohio Heritage Fellowships

anupama mirleweichih rosa leephillip paul
Images: Ohio Heritage Fellowship recipients - Anupama Mirle; Weichih Rosa Lee with her apprentice Anna Luu; and Philip Paul.


The Ohio Heritage Fellowship program recognizes Ohio folk and traditional artists who are influential masters of their particular art forms and traditions, and whose work has had a significant impact on their communities. 

Awards are $5,000 and are given in three categories: Performing Arts, Material Culture (folk art, folk crafts, folk architecture), and Community Leadership.* The OAC expects awardees to adhere to cultural artistic traditions; maintain the aesthetics and preservation of their art form; contribute to the public visibility of the folk and traditional arts; actively participate in their art form as a practitioner, a mentor, or community leader; and create work that deepens awareness of the diverse cultural and artistic traditions of Ohioans.

* A Community can be defined as a group of people who share common cultural elements, such as: ethnicity or tribal heritage, occupation, geographic area or traditional art form.





For more information on the fellowships and past recipients, visit the Ohio Traditions website.

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