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Tips for Social Media on a Shoestring

Tips for Social Media on a Shoestring

Seventy-six percent of internet-using Americans use social media. It’s crucial for organizations to have a presence that is concise, informative, and targeted. Lindsay Fullerton, Ph.D., of New Median Consulting, joined us to lead the OAC’s October webinar and covered best practices to develop a strong social media identity. These six tips will help your organization get on track with a social media strategy that aligns your social presence with your mission and goals.

Pinpoint what your mission is as an organization and what you want to achieve on social media. Are you looking to increase engagement? Membership? Do you have fundraising or sales goals you’d like to meet? Determine these goals in a clear, direct way to frame future social media decisions.


Who are you trying to reach as an organization? Do you want to develop relationships with specific audiences or demographics? Do you know what social media platforms those key audiences are interacting with? Identify your target audience and always keep them in mind.



Content is a paramount component of a strong social media strategy. What you share on social media should be a direct reflection of your organization and its goals.You should adopt a consistent tone for your posts, but it is also important make sure your posts vary in what they’re asking of your audience.


Try this suggested breakdown for social media content:

  • 1/3 shows appreciation for your donors, supporters, volunteers, and employees
  • 1/3 engages with and shares the content of other relevant groups and non-profits
  • 1/3 solicits donations or support



It’s more important to be on the right platforms than to be on all of them. Pick a few to focus on based on the amount of time and resources you have to dedicate, the demographics of your target, and the nature of your organization. Some of your options here include: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, and Snapchat.



A social media schedule helps assure that you won’t forget to update a page or post content that doesn’t align with your identified goals. How frequently you post will depend on which platform you’re using and how active you intend to be.



Many resources exist (both free and paid) to help you see what works and what is missing the mark. Specifically, take a look at the reach, likes, and engagement of your posts and pages.


Once you have developed your strategy, it’s time to implement it! Make sure to plan with your team, create a routine and schedule for posting, and look for creative ways to re-purpose content.


Lindsay Fullerton, Ph.D., is the founder and principal consultant at New Median Consulting, a social media strategy and research firm headquartered in Cleveland. Lindsay has more than ten years of social media, research and marketing experience with the nonprofit and corporate sectors. She has a degree in marketing from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Ph.D. in communication studies from Northwestern University.

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